Temperature Scarf – January

Something¬†completely¬†amazing and unexpected has happened! I actually finished the month on this scarf on the last day of the month! I know right? I wasn’t expecting to still be doing it either. Considering the vast number of unfinished projects lurking around me in this house it would not be out of character for me to say “Eh, I’ll do it later” and then never ever touch it again. However, I still have 11 months to go …


And here ’tis. Overall quite a mild month, mostly in the 20s (green is low 20s, yellow is high 20s) but with a couple of really crappy hot days scattered about the place. You may notice that there appears to be random increases. These, you may think, are “mistakes”. I’ll have you know they are actually “features”, celebrating the handmade nature of the… okay yeah I have a problem with random increases. No matter how careful I am, I always seem to toss a couple in here and there.

You may also notice, if you saw the earlier progress post, that the scarf seems to have become narrower. On around the 21st of January I decided it was actually far too wide and frogged the lot to start over. It was a bit drastic, but on the other hand I thought it was easier to change my mind on the width 21 days in than 210 days in. I’m happy I did, I like this width a lot better.

Although the original idea for this scarf¬†calls for three rows between the months, I wanted something a little more subtle to break the months up. For this reason I’ve done two rows of single crochet which will show as one narrow band of cream.

I’d like to pretend also that all the ends are woven in nice and tidy – which I did intend to do before I showed you the scarf but as it turns out I didn’t get around to doing them all. Some I’ve done, some I haven’t.


I just folded them under the scarf to take the picture. I’m so sorry. Can you forgive my deception?