Cross Stitch Fever

Once is year is a perfectly acceptable update schedule, shut your face. So what have I been up to? Oh, you know. Stuff. Basically, I work on the computer all day and then at the end of the day I want to go do other things so I haven’t been updating. At all. I was going to say “As much” but we both know I mean “At all”. On to the projects! This post is going to be cross stitch heavy, because that’s mostly what I’ve been doing.
Frog by Heritage CraftsA while back I was digging around in my closet and found some half done cross stitch projects. “Ooh” I thought, “I like cross stitching.”. Instead of finishing those, I bought some new ones. Above is the Frog from the Heritage Crafts Cross Stitch Critters range. I shouldn’t have looked that up, there’s a most adorable owl there. Frogs are my most best thing, and I’ve always enjoyed the Heritage Crafts range, there’s quite a few of their designs dotted around the house. I made one change to this kit – the bees are pink on the chart, but I don’t really like pink that much so I swapped it out for the left over gold from the fish.

Sunset Stroll by Heritage Crafts

Another one by Heritage, this time from their Silhouettes collection. This one just doesn’t photograph well at all, but looks much better in reality – honest. This range is one I’ve done a few times, and I love the tones in them. You have the option of getting these kits with evenweave or aida. If you’re tempted to try one, go the evenweave. Trust me. There’s so many half stitches in various directions you’ll go nutso trying it on aida.

Poppy WIPNow on to my current WIP. This is “White Flowers Filled With Light” from the Alisa Collection (site is in Russian). It was sent to me as part of the Redditgifts needlework exchange and I love it so hard. I’m about to press it and mount it on one of my clip frames as the fabric isn’t big enough to keep using the hoop for the corners. Details, you care about the details.

I’ve also made a ukulele strap, but that’s a post for another day. Pencil it in for June 2016.