So one time I was sewing something fairly simple (it was a wrist cuff) and not only did I manage to snap the needle in the machine, I managed to bend the bobbin case. How good am I? The damage was so major that to repair the machine would have cost more than the machine did brand new, so it went out for collection in the Hard Waste collection – but I note someone picked it up which is good.

Now I use an elderly Elna sewing machine from 1968. Although I still get myself into some pretty interesting messes, at least I haven’t broken it. Yet. Quite sturdy, those old machines.

My name is Lyn. I’m an Australian (or Orstraylian depending on your accent) living near Melbourne down in the colder part of the country. Which suits me nicely thank you muchly, hot weather makes me grumpy.

As well as sewing and other crafty things, I love frogs, insects and spiders. Be warned.

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