FP: A Mighty (Small) Dragon

Handsewn felt dragon

This dragon came as a kit, and when I unfolded the pattern sheet I thought “Oh, I’ll have to blow that up on the copier”. Haha, nope. The pattern was actual size and had some tiny, tiny pieces. This little guy is 14cm from the back of his wings to the tip of his tail, and the tops of his wings are about 11cm from the base. He fits perfectly in my hand, which is how I was going to measure him for you until I realised your hands might actually be a different size to mine.

He was kind of fiddly in places, but I think he turned out pretty well. I did take a shortcut with his arms. The pattern has the fingers individually cut out, but I looked at that and thought “Nope”. Instead, I popped in some stitches to divide the fingers after I stuffed the hands. He took a fair while to sew, but it was a joyful project. Of course it was, otherwise he’d be half sewn and shoved in a drawer (the fate of everything that turns out boring). The arms and legs are jointed, so he can be posed a little bit.

The kit is from Winterwood Toys and is available in several colourways. I went with Rainbow, obviously. The kit is really really good, I have to say. You get the pattern and instructions, the felt, thread that matches your felt, the buttons for the joints, thread for the joints, beads for the eyes (5 of those, presumably in case you drop one as they’re tiny), the wool roving for the head and a needlefelting needle to attach that with. Also a huge amount of wool stuffing, which is a delight to work with after years of the acrylic stuff. I had a heap left over, so I’m stuffing a tiny felt bear with it now.

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