FP: Dragonfly Brooch

Today I finished the Dragonfly Brooch I was working on a while ago. I would have finished it earlier but I put my back out last week while walking the dogs. Having spotted a rabbit, I ran them towards it for a look and fell over a stick. Well done, me. Would have been alright if either dog had then seen the rabbit, but they do have a habit of pretending they haven’t seen things they might be expected to do something about. Anyway, here are the wings in their finished state:


They sort of remind me of those macro photos you see of insects who’ve been covered with dew in the night. Sort of shiny and .. well beady I guess.

Cutting these out is something I do not like. I used to do a bit of shaped plastic canvas work and the cutting out part always made me a bit grumpy. I have not, it has to be said, done the finest job here, but it looks alright.

Dragonfly Brooch

Here is a picture of the finished brooch in some ivy, because I am arty like that. You can see the not so great cutting out, I’m way paranoid I’ll go “Snip” and then find threads and beads scattered everywhere as I’ve cut through a vital part of cardboard. Also the middle section – eyes, head and body, are not strung quite tightly enough, however they are tight enough to hold shape which I suppose is the main thing.

Now I can move on to my secret project – oooOOOoooOOOOO- why secret? Present, it’s a present for someone. It’s exciting not only because I like to give presents, but because I’ll get to break out my latest eBay purchase, a set of delicious embroidery hoops.


Vintage embroidery hoops, thank you so much for asking. Sturdy, proper hoops. I do have a collection of new ones I’ve bought recently, but I tend to snap them. I guess I don’t know my own strength. Or they’re rubbish and cheap. These are lovely and strong with a nice smooth tightening screw on each of them. The smallest there is 3 inches. Exciting!


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