I wove a bigger thing.

To be honest, I have a lot of yarn stash. Buuuuuuuut yanno. Sometimes you need to make sure you have enough yarn. What I’m saying is I bought more yarn. It’s cheap acrylic which I bought specifically to practice with. I am not yet good at estimating how much yarn I’ll need to weave a thing, so I got a lot more than I needed but that’s okay, I’m sure I can find something to do with the left overs.

Woven shawl in yellow and purple

A pattern like this is one of the easiest “fancy” weaves you can do, it’s simply blocks of colour in the warp and blocks in the weft. When the same colours meet you get the check effect. Easy peasy, and a good way to practice doing things with yarn ends. This is a variegated yellow/white with what could be a bright purple or a dark pink, depends on the light. It looked purple in the shop.  The warp threads are, in theory, 20 strands each while the weft I just eyeballed while watching Doctor Who (I have much catching up to do, haven’t even seen a single Matt Smith episode!).

Close up of checked shawlI say the warp is 20 strands per block “in theory” because I managed to double up several times in one section of the purple. By the time I noticed I was basically too lazy to correct it so I just went with it, it was a practice piece anyway.

Couple of things I still need to work on, including avoiding loops on the edges and keeping a more even tension, but I’m warping it up again tomorrow so we’ll see how I get on. Did I mention my loom? I have a loom now. (Eeeeeeeeee).

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