Having just bought a pattern for a felt horse from Etsy, I was poking around on the internet in order to put off actually starting the horse (it has small bits. Fiddly) and ended up at Pintester. Just in time for round two of the Pintester Movement, my timing is so awesome. This time around, the very important rules are that you need to re-test something the lovely Pintester has already tried. So I looked at every single post and was able to rule out a lot quite quickly:
– Not having anything resembling nail polish in the house, I’m unable to play with the nail projects.
– Having just cut off all my hair (with kitchen scissors, thank you) I can’t really do the hair projects without some kind of wig based assistance.
– Being exactly entirely uninterested in the Kitchen Arts, the food stuff was out. Also I’m a vegetarian.  Also kind of too lazy to wash a million dishes for a mug full of potentially toxic cake.

Craft it was. To narrow it down further, I wanted something either really cheap to make, or something that I already had all the materials for. Socktopus it was!


On the left in purple stripes is the original Socktopus tutorial over at The Hatched. On the right with the cold dead eyes is the Pintester version. Indeed.

I had a spare sock from the Stupid Sock Creatures phase I went through a couple of years ago (which I might revisit, they’re mad fun to make). I’m sure leopard print is a perfectly natural pattern for an octopus. I did actually take a photo of the sock, pre craft. However I have decided I will print and frame this, for my own collection of photographs of socks I once loved. So here’s the finished Socktopus.
Leopard Print SocktopusHe looks kind of sad. Perhaps wistful. Pondering his reason for being, probably. I followed the tutorial from The Hatched almost exactly, but as I don’t trust glue on fabric I sewed the eyes together instead. This added considerable time to the project (and therefore considerable time to the “I’m making a horse, honestly” procrastination).

Socktopus EyesYou  might be able to tell that one of the blue bits is blanket stitched on, and everything else is whipstitched. Can you believe I actually forgot how to blanket stitch after doing the one eye? I can’t, but it happens to me a lot. I can do it, then I suddenly cannot. Odd how my brain works sometimes. You can also see where the white thread went all loopy in a couple of places. I call these “features”.
Stuffing PoopMy thread around the bottom of the stuffing was slightly too high and too loose, so if you were to turn Mr Socktopus over and have a look between his legs (you might, I don’t know what  kind of person you are) you’d see he’s pooping stuffing. Maybe that accounts for the wistful look in his eyes.


  1. cwupcake says:

    So stinkin’ cute!! I love cephalopods! I wanted to do this one, too, but had no socks cute enough that I was willing to part with. (I was so not making it with one of hubby’s funky socks.

  2. Sarah says:

    That is so cute! I’m jealous of people with the patience and ability to sew… Mine would definitely turn out more like the Pintester’s. lol!

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