Frog Prince Latch Hook

Here we go, just in time to stop this being entirely about my temperature scarf, I actually have another finished object for you. This kit was an impulse buy while I was buying other things. I figured since the package was coming over anyway, I might as well squeeze in another something. That something is the “Frog Prince” latch hook kit by Caron.
Frog Prince Latch HookI hadn’t done any latch hook in years, so it was sort of nice to bounce back into it. Of course I bought it entirely because I can’t resist a frog, but even so latch hook is quite zen once you get your rhythm going.

In natural light, like when the above photo was taken, the colours are quite distinct. However under an energy saver globe there was a lot of difficulty determining green vs light green, or yellow vs light gold. The yellow/gold issue was solved when I realised the yarn itself was different, with the yellow being a big fluffy yarn and the gold being thinner and more stringy. The black and purple also look almost identical under artificial light. My solution was one of those little LED pocket lantern thingies, which blasted a nice bright clean light over everything and made it all very obvious (apart from the two middle shades of green, which I probably did not get 100% correct). At the time I did some frustrated “tsking” but now it’s done I can see that the very close shades do give him a lovely depth.

Latch Hook Canvas

The kit comes with the printed canvas, a chart, bundles of precut yarn (not sorted, obviously) and finishing instructions. As the finished frog is 12 inches by 12 inches, he’s a little small to be a rug so I’m going to pop a back on it and make a cushion. The kit doesn’t include the latch hook, or any finishing materials.

There’s a kit from the same series lurking in my recently re-discovered craft stash, so I might do some more latch hooking in the near future. I have a cushion cover to complete first however, to re-cover a foot stool for my mother.