Hidden Panda Purse

I have a friend, her name is Julie (I have more friends that just Julie, but this post concerns only her). She’s a bit bonkers about pandas, even though frogs are clearly way better than pandas. I wanted to whip up something cheery, yet pandary for her, and decided on a little coin purse.

Coin Purse

The fabric was one of my fat quarter impulse buys which I am prone to, but it’s clearly bright and happy. “But wait!” I hear you say, “wait! I thought you said, Lyn, that this was pandary!”. Well it is. I hid the pandas inside.

Sneaky Pandas

See, this way, should Jools choose to use her coin purse in public, she can hide the fact that she’s a panda nutso from the general population, and see pandas only for herself. Surprise! Pandas!

There are two kinds of purse frame you can get, sew in or glue in. I went with sew in, because me and glue don’t always get along very well and sometimes there’s angry words.

Stitched Frame

Of course in this close up you can see where I botched the thread. Don’t look. The thread obviously goes through the pre-punched holes, and is for the most part hidden behind the inside of the frame, so it’s pretty neat and tidy.

Overall, this came out okay. I’m not 100% happy with the shape, but I can improve that next time (sorry Jools!). It also came together really quickly, the longest part is sewing the purse onto the frame. Getting the purse and lining done was the work of about half an hour.

To make this, I followed the tutorial at Skip to My Lou.