Double Dye Day

I know, right? Slack blogger. I’ve not really finished anything much lately, so I haven’t had much to say about things. New year new… year. I make no promises.

About 2 years ago I bought a couple of summer dresses online. They’re pretty good dresses, cool and airy and ideal for all that wandering in flower fields and standing on beaches I do in Summer (okay so in reality I cling to the aircon and weep softly). One of them was white which is not a great colour on me. This has nothing to do with my skin tone and everything to do with my ability to lean in cobwebs, spill coffee down myself or otherwise get grubby. It’s a natural gift, I can’t teach it. The other dress was red. Online, it was red. It was listed as “Red”. It was not red, it was dark pink. Dark pink is not red. It’s dark pink. Unacceptably un-red. I picked up some dye not long after I got the frocks, and those two dye packs have been sitting on my dresser for almost 2 years so it was probably time I did something with them. Since i ordered dye for another project last night, I remembered this one.

Before and after photo of the white dress

I did the white dress first, and sort of kinda dip dyed it. I like a dip dye, my hair is currently sort of dip dyed, the ends are red. It would have been more effective if my knot holding the frock up hadn’t gone “nah” and dropped the second tier in early, but I’m not bothered. It came out pretty well and is much nicer than white.

Is rustic still in? Man I hope rustic is still in, the chookshed is new and perfect for my whole rustic blogger… thing. I have a thing. You know I do.

White dress in purple dye bath

I only took one picture of the purple dye bath because I was juggling shit around to hold the dress up. At this stage I just draped it over the edge and went for a coffee.  It’s a much nicer purple than I was expecting. I tend to have low expectations when I dye, because I usually dye things red and reds are a pain.

Speaking of reds.

Before and after pink dress

The difference here is a bit more subtle, and the camera didn’t pick up the shades very well. It really honestly was a horrible shade of pink, and is now a more jewel toned red. I used Rit Wine, so it’s a darker red. It’s wearable, but I’m going to need some beige undies because it doesn’t have a lining like the purple one does and I don’t want people to know I wear underwear.

So, yes. These were both Rit Powder dyes. I used the sink method because when I dug out my dye pot I realised I’d never fit a whole frock in it along with the dye. The only issue I had, other than some patchiness where I didn’t dunk long enough, is that while the dresses themselves are cotton, the thread used to sew them mostly isn’t. This is only an issue with the label on the red one, little blobs of white thread at the back collar. I’ll sort something out. Or! I’ll forget about it entirely. Either way, workable.