WIP: Dragonfly Brooch

On my last “crafty” blog (which turned into my everything else blog also, which may well happen here. Brace yourself for long, but well thought out, rants about people who litter from cars), I had a feature called “WIP Wednesday” where I would take some pics of whatever it was I was working on at the time and talk about them. I thought about doing it here, but to be honest I’m not much for schedules. Last time, most Thursday mornings involved me saying “Oh crap, I forgot”. So although today is Wednesday, and I am talking about a WIP, let’s not make it a date, okay?

Today’s WIP is the Dragonfly brooch kit I mentioned in my last post. I’ve not done any beaded embroidery before, beyond the occasional “sew three beads on here”. The actual forming of a picture with the beads is new to me. My first problem was sorting the beads. In theory I could have just dumped them all in a cup and picked out the colours as I needed them, but I thought it might be easier to sort them. I didn’t have anything to sort them into however (apart from teacups, which felt like overkill really).  In the end, I came up with this:

Bead Tray

These are those little silver cases that tealight candles come in. I happen to have a ton of tealight candles. They’re nice and wide for dipping the needle into to pick up the bead. You can see, if you look closely, the middle tray on the top row has two colours in it. These are so close in normal light that I couldn’t pick them apart, but inside the case they are generally spottable as different. Having said that, I can’t vouch 100% that the right colour bead has ended up in the right spots for those bits.

Dragonfly Wings

I’ve done all the beaded bits on the lower wings so far – the gaps will be filled with plain cross stitch in dark blue.  At first I thought this was going to take forever, it feels a little slower than regular cross stitch due to fishing out a bead. Once I was in the swing of it though, it’s fine. Not as fiddly as I expected and very satisfying to see all the little beads nice and straight in their little rows.

Not sure how I’d go on a large piece though, probably I would go a little bit insane.

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