WIP: Temperature Scarf Catch Up

The yarn for my temperature scarf arrived a few days ago and I’m overall pretty happy with my selection. Of course one of the problems with buying online is that the colours are never quite what they appear. With the exception of the dark red, the others are pretty much as I thought they’d be.

A row of delicious yarn.

I went with Cleckheaton because I like their wool generally, and also because Cleckheaton is so much fun to say. Try it, I’ll wait. See? Cleckheaton. Lovely. I also got some cream to do the month breaks and eventual border with. Once I had the colours to hand, I was able to make a proper sort of Project Notes page in my Project Notebook (which is new. Before this it was just A Notebook)

Temperature List

I’ve gone in blocks of 4 degrees for the temperatures, with “Plus 40” and “Under 9” as a single colour. I did have “5 – 9” but then realised we don’t generally get under 5 as a high, so I’m going on the basis that we won’t this year either. If we go over 45 I’ll find some black or something to indicate my extreme sadness about the incredible heat.

I started out doing just single crochet, but I found it was a bit patchy and I like a nice bold stripe, so now I’m doing double. This means I will have an incredibly long scarf, and also that I may not have purchased enough yarn. We shall see! I’ll show you what I’m up to so far, having caught up today. There’s at least one glaring error in here, so just.. you know. Don’t look at the error. Ta.


That’s up till today. It’s quite wide, but my finishing up plans (which I should write down as it’s 11 and a half months away and I will forget) involve a rolled edge, so it won’t work out quite so wide, but will be very very long.

As an aside, because I am self taught in crochet (what do you mean you could tell?) my left hand does all the moving my right hand should do, while my right hand just sits there most of the time, not doing much. It is for this reason I try to avoid crocheting in public, because people always notice and ask about it. The simple fact is that’s how I got crochet to work in the first place, and it’s turned out to be a hard habit to break!

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