WIP: Temperature Scarf, February

This is not the highest volume blog on the internet now is it? Oh well, I might make 20 posts by Christmas. I did intend to post during February, but as it turns out the heat was constant and unrelenting, so most of my spare time was spent laying in bed thinking “I hate this”. I did do some cross stitch, which is a WIP post for another day. I also managed to keep up with the Temperature Scarf, hooray! I just finished the last row for February a little while ago, so here it is hot off the hook:
February Section of the Temperature ScarfI seem to have overcome my random increases problem (not that it was a problem, it was a feature). I also got most of the ends tidied away this time before I took the photo. The month started promisingly cold, but the over 30 degree days won out in the end (that’s orange). Apparently Melbourne broke some kind of “Days Over 30 Degrees In February” this year, so yay. You can’t see it, but I typed that yay in an extremely deadpan way.

I’m very happy that my month divider rows came out exactly as I hoped they would, breaking the months with a neat little line of cream. Now for the scarf in full, which you will need to click on to see in all it’s glory (but you don’t have to, I won’t know if you don’t and I wouldn’t judge you even if I did know).

Scarf for Jan and FebLook at that row of blue in there being a big old weather tease.  And look how much neater February looks compared to January, crochet wise. The intended border at the end of the year should hide those wibbly bits, but if not no worries. I’m the one who’s wearing it and I don’t mind a bit of a wibble.

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